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Dr. John Michael Christian

Dear Friend And Fellow Internet Marketer:

How much money are you willing to risk on expensive pay per click campaigns? How much time are you willing to spend on traffic generation techniques that you aren’t even sure will produce results?

Personally, I don’t have a lot of time and money to play around with and I need to know that every second I spent marketing my website or setting up traffic generation campaigns is going to pay off.. and if you are the exact same way, then you won’t want to miss what I am about to offer you.

After Today, Your Website Will NEVER Be The Same Again.

I used to think I was super clever or super lucky, because while everyone else was spending thousands of dollars a month advertising their website on Adwords and other PPC marketplaces, I was able to jump start every new website I created without ever having to pay a dime for traffic.

Better yet, the traffic you’ll funnel into your website is the premium kind.. hot, hungry, targeted traffic laser targeted to my niche market, which means that not only will you be able to generate more traffic than competitors but you will make more money!.. conversions are pretty damn easy to skyrocket when you are dealing with people who are already looking to buy your products, right?

These days I realize that I wasn’t some traffic genius.. what I really was, was someone without the luxury of being able to blow a lot of cash on testing the waters and reaching into markets all in the hopes of making a few bucks here and there.

Because I was forced to seek alternative methods to maximize my outreach and secure my share of traffic, while everyone else was simply buying traffic, I was swiping it left and right from free resources only to discover.. it actually was 1.000% easier to convert!

So, they keep on spending money on traffic and I keep on tapping into the hottest pockets of traffic that are constantly overlooked! It doesn’t get better than that!

And you’re about to become a traffic junkie, yourself..

There’s ebooks out there covering “niche marketing on crack”, “php on crack”, everything under the sun targeting the keywords ‘crack’. Why? Because marketers like to paint a visual and they believe that by giving you a mental image of what they are trying to sell you will simply make it easier to push you over the edge, scrambling to click on the buy it button and purchase their product.

I’m not into playing games and I can’t tell a good story to save my life.

What I am into, is in generating as much highly targeted FREE traffic as possible to my websites, because I know (and you know) that the more incoming traffic, the more money you’ll make. It’s as simple as that.

And when this traffic comes from flaming hot groups of hungry buyers? Even more money is thrown into my bank account.. If your website ringing in the sales like a 90% off special on Black Friday? Are you rolling out the red carpet for fiercely hungry buyers who are flooding all four corners of your website, already convinced that they NEED your product before they even finish reading your sales page?

If not, you need to take a step back and think about something for a minute. How much longer are you going to allow your website to suffer a slow, painful death as it collects even more dust and gets pushed beneath the layers of competition after competition who are only doing better than you because they know a handful of sneaky traffic strategies that you just aren’t using?

Generate traffic to your site easily

“Never be on the outside looking in again.”

I’m not going to present an order button to you just yet, because honestly.. there’s far more to what I am offering than some ordinary ebook, God knows there’s enough of those to go around as it is.

What I am offering you, is the opportunity to follow a proven formula for launching your website with a bang.. you’ll be able to generate an unlimited supply of fresh, targeted traffic to your website regardless of your niche market, your experience, or how much time and money you have.

In fact, the LESS money you have the better!

I focus ALL of my attention on free resources, because that way, the only money I’m shelling out is in creating even MORE websites that tackle every profitable niche on the market.. from weight loss, acne, affiliate marketing, it doesn’t matter what your product is about, if there’s a market for it, I will show you EXACTLY how to command and control it!

Are you ready to jack up your website and start making money today?


Here is just a sneak peek of just some of what’s revealed:

Forget time consuming traffic strategies that cause you to give up in frustration as you throw your keyboard across the room (been there, done that). I’ll show you what the traffic giants are REALLY doing, and how you can emulate their success, quickly and easily!
Learn the shocking tactics used by the most successful online marketers that send an instant flood to their website by having OTHER people do all of the work! This goes beyond just your every-day affiliate program.. you won’t believe how easy these strategies are.
Discover how an ordinary “joe” was able to become an overnight success in his niche while generating a hungry following of loyal buyers who hadn’t even heard of him before! This is where creating (and exploiting) social proof becomes invaluable. I’ll show you how to claim your industry and become an instant authority on ANY topic you wish!
Destroy your competition by using their existing “traffic gaps” to your advantage, and find out how you can instantly gain a strong foothold in your market, even if they’ve been around longer or have more money than you to spend on marketing! (This is exactly how I have managed to dominate every niche market I venture into without having to sacrifice my time or spend a fortune in the process).
Eliminate costly marketing campaigns permanently, by following a step by step blueprint to setting your website on complete overdrive by putting your product in front of your ENTIRE target audience without having to spend hours of your time with useless “pre selling” tactics. These people are already interested in buying from you!


And MUCH More!

The strategies revealed within the Traffic Adrenaline guide are NOT Blackhat, but do focus on legally (and ethically) swiping traffic, stealing customers and ultimately dominating markets with no mercy..

The insider strategies of the most powerful traffic insiders that will forever change the way you do business online. Once you see how easy it is to generate consistent, targeted traffic to your website, you can instantly rinse & repeat for every future site you create.
Fast Action Traffic Tactics, that will instantly give your website a quick boost, while setting up profitable campaigns that will work for many years to come (no ‘get rich quick gimmicks’ here, these are long term consistent traffic techniques.
How to set up and optimize your website quickly and easily, so that you are able to position yourself for TOP rankings, even in highly competitive markets!

And MUCH More!

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